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Output 1: A Transformational Model for School Leadership Development.

Our ERASMUS+ project, Getting Heads Together, is creating a set of training resources to help school leaders better understand and respond to complex problems. Today, we are our launching one of our first outputs – The Transformational Model for School Leadership Development 

School leader face complex problems every day. These complex problems are hard: complex problems are hard to understand:  there are many ways you can understand the problem. There are many different answers, no answer has a predictable result, and will causes consequences elsewhere 

Our ERASMUS+ project, Getting Heads Together, is going to produce a training package over the next 18 months to help school leaders understand and react to complex problems. 
In this publication, we introduce you to key ideas behind complex problems in school leadership. We introduce research that might be useful in supporting school leaders to understand and react to these problems. Finally, we introduce our model – the “Model for Transformational Growth” 

We hope that this document will be useful for policy makers, school leaders and training designers and help people to think about how they support professional training and development. 

You can access the publication: 

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