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The GHT Programme Resources

Welcome to the Getting Heads Together resources. On this page, you will be able to access the entire programme of study and all support resources for you to get started.

A vital component to the programme is for facilitators and programme organisers to have a strong understanding of how the programme is designed. Therefore, we would strongly advise that you please read all the preparation and support materials prior to setting up the programme in your institution.

Each part of the programme is organised in tabs below. These tabs are organised in the order you should be required to access them Each tab provides a sequenced set of step-by-step instructions and access to all the help, support and resources.

Facilitator Handbook

Please read this handbook first.

Participant Handbook

Please give the handbook to participants

Video 1

The video will introduce you to how we define school leadership

Video 2

The video will explain why schools are complex.

Video 3

The video will explain what complex problems are.

Video 4

The video will explain what sense-making is.

Video 5

The video will explain how our programme will help school leaders.

Session 1 Powerpoint

Please access the session and notes here.

Session 2 Powerpoint

Please access the session here.

Session 3 Powerpoint

Please access the session and notes here.

IDS Session Structure

Participant and Facilitator:

Please use sheet one for IDS 1, 3 and 5

Please use sheet two for IDS 2, 4 and 6

Assessment Protocol

Additional Case Studies